• EV Roadside Recovery and 

    On Demand EV Charging,

    Made Simple

    Welcome to ZAPME - the world's simplest solution to electric vehicle recovery and on-demand local electric charging. ZAPME is the leader in the offer of Energy as a Service (EAAS) having provided mobile energy since 2017.


    A full range of 10kwh to 300kwh mobile charging units for roadside EV recoveries and premium on-demand charging.

    From a single unit to a whole fleet we have a solution including various funding options.

  • ZAPME 50KWH mobile EV charging unit

    Simple solution for dead Electric Vehicles

    ZAPME is the world's first mobile EV recovery unit designed to rapid charge immovable EVs that have run out of charge at the roadside. Recharge at rapid speeds with as little or as much charge as is needed to recover either to a recovery vehicle or nearby Energy Station.

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    Join ZAPME to access a range of recovery jobs or boost your existing income as the EV car park increases.
    We are actively recruiting operators for the ZAPME network, contact us now for more information.

    ZAPME van mounted EV recovery system

    A turnkey 50kWh, van mounted, EV recovery system from just £350 per week

    Join the ZapMe network today with a ready to go Maxus eDeliver 3 from as little as £350 per week for qualifying businesses. We supply the unit with the choice of EV or ICE van for your system.

    zap me EV recovery system

    ZAP On Demand

    Do you live in a flat, or have you arrived at a destination with no charge and no access to a charger?

    ZAPME Network can deliver an on demand full charge at the roadside on-demand from just £39.99 and in less than an hour.


    Fleet operator? Reduce downtime and remove annoying yard blockages without the need to have the car, van or truck recovered.

    zapme coverage


    The ZAPME Network is rolling out in the UK and Europe at present. We are accepting expressions of interest in other countries from established recovery network operators and start-up EV on-demand charging operators,

    Dead EV recovery

    EV Recoveries

    The pressure on recovery agents worldwide to move dead EVs (electric vehicles) where the owner has failed to reach a suitable roadside charger is growing at its fastest rate since EVs made their appearance. Most vehicle recovery firms are forced to lift or drag EVs onto vehicles, risking serious damage to expensive motors. ZAPME is the solution to allow you to get the vehicle to the nearest energy station without the cost, and risks of lifting the electric vehicle.
    You become the Energy Station!

  • Beautifully designed. Meticulously crafted. In Great Britain.

    The perfect balance of innovation, portability and performance

    ZAPME 50KWH mobile EV charging unit in Audi ETron

    Choose the ZapMe vehicle mount.

    ZAPME is compatible with and designed for all major European and US vans and trucks plus some alternative platforms.


    All ZAPME units can be hot swapped to maximise uptime, just drive in and swap the box for a freshly charged unit.

    ZAPME 300KWH mobile EV charging station

    Multiple capacities

    From 10 to 300 kWh depending on the vehicle it's mounted to, Meaning fast charging at the roadside. As standard ZAPME will charge at 50KWH our bigger systems can charge at up to 150KWH if necessary. ZAPME GO is light enough it can be workshop mobile.


    Choose from single-vehicle rapid charging to ultra rapid, simultaneous, multiple vehicle charging, We can charge up to 4 EV's at 50 kWh simultaneously.


    Great for events, dealers and roadside charger network outages.

    ZAPME 50KWH charging unit recharged in one hour

    Compatible with all roadside chargers

    Re-Energise the unit at any Rapid EV charger with a type 2 CCS connection. Rapid DC charging means ZAPME is fully charged with 50KWH of charge and ready to go again in under an hour.


    Alternatively, swap it for a fresh ZAPME ready to charge again.

  • Compatible with all leading car brands

    ZAPME is compatible with all major car brands including those below:

    zapme compatible with Hyundai
    zapme compatible with dodge
    zapme compatible with VW
    zapme compatible with Nissan
    zapme compatible with Ford
    zapme compatible with Lincoln
    zapme compatible with Fiat
    zapme compatible with Mini
    zapme compatible with Peugeot
    zapme compatible with Kia
    zapme compatible with Honda
    zapme compatible with MG Motor
    zapme compatible with Mitsubishi
    zapme compatible with Dacia
    zapme compatible with Jeep
    zapme compatible with Skoda
    zapme compatible with Lexus
    zapme compatible with Tesla
    zapme compatible with Chevrolet
    zapme compatible with Jaguar
    zapme compatible with Smart
    zapme compatible with Volvo
    zapme compatible with Bentley
    zapme compatible with Vauxhall Opel
    zapme compatible with Audi E-Tron
    zapme compatible with Porsche
    zapme compatible with BMW
    zapme compatible with Hummer
    zapme compatible with Mercedes
    zapme compatible with Citreon & DS Auto
  • Charge anything, anywhere with ZAPME

    on demand charging, road side charger outages or roadside EV recovery


    Workshop Charging for dead EV's

    From 10kWh


    Designed for Workshop however, can be recovery vehicle-mounted.


    Spec: 10-22Kw

    Battery Charge Rates: C4

    Charge Connector: All main types

    Weight: From 160KG

    Dimensions: 650x110x650


    50kWh Vehicle Mounted Charger

    Suitable for Car/Van and Truck Mounting


    Designed for Recovery


    Spec: 50,75 &100Kw

    Battery Charge Rates: C1/2

    Charge Connector: All main types

    Weight: Fr. 614KG

    Dimensions: Fr. 1600x600x1100


    150kWh+ Vehicle-Based Charger

    Dedicated vehicle-based solution


    Designed for fleets



    Spec: 150-300Kw

    Battery Charge Rates: C1-C4

    Charge Connector: All main types

    Weight: Fr. 1550KG

    Dimensions: Custom Vehicle Install

  • Simple, Effective Innovation

    A versatile mobile EV recovery and on demand charging solution

    ZAPME 50KWH charging unit battery pack


    High Energy Storage, using latest battery management for both thermal and high speed roadside EV charging.


    10-300kWh C1 -C4 rapid roadside DC charging.

    ZAPME fits any vehicle


    Vehicle Mounted option for cars, vans and recovery trucks. We have a solution for all platforms.


    Units can be hot swapped to maximise utilisation and reduce downtime.

    ZAPME copatible with every charge head inc CCS and Chademo


    Rapid DC Charging, Tethered and untethered CCS Type 2 as standard optional Chademo.



    Ultra Rapid re-energising of the ZAPME units.

    ZAPME Network on demand EV charging


    Access EV recovery jobs across your local area with the ZAPME network, free for the first 12 months.


    Coming soon - join NOW

    ZAPME Global Support


    5 year battery warranty UK based 24/7 support, Optional 24hour replacement unit with ZAPME Service Plan.


    Global support available.

  • About ZAPME

    World leading vehicle charging technology by ZPN energy


    ZAPME is part of one of the UK's fastest-growing roadside and fleet charging system providers ZPN Energy, ZPN also develop and deploy microgrid technology and home energy storage systems for developers and social housing.


    There are many providers of energy storage however ZPN and ZAPME have pioneered this vehicle charging technology. ZAPME technology and ZPN chargers have been deployed at Heathrow Airport here in the UK since 2017 more recently supporting a number of roadside rapid and ultra-rapid charging sites. The ZAPME units are increasingly used by a range of recovery and on demand charging organisations across the world. We own several patents and can provide a turn key operation for any fleet.


    If you want to find out more contact us now.

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