Energy As a Service

ZAPME’s revolutionary approach to recharging electric vehicles 


Energy as a Service: ZAPME’s revolutionary approach to recharging electric vehicles 

There are now more than 660,000 electric cars registered in the UK.[1] In December 2022 alone, that figure grew by 42,284, 32.9% of all new car registrations.[2] As the UK gears up for the phasing out of petrol and diesel vehicles, consumers and businesses are already choosing electric vehicles (EVs), a huge success story. 

Yet one of the biggest barriers to the continued expansion of the EV market is the idea the UK’s vehicle-recharging infrastructure is currently unable to meet demand – and may be for some time yet because the adoption of EVs is racing ahead of the provision of recharging facilities. Over the recent Christmas holiday season, reports emerged of drivers waiting for more than two hours to recharge their cars at motorway service stations, an especially difficult scenario for families on already long journeys.[3] 

Vehicle-charging pioneers ZPN Energy’s ZAPME is the queue-busting answer to delays to journeys caused by such peaks in demand.  

The ZAPME Vehicle Mounted Charger fits neatly into the back of a van or a recovery vehicle. This is an Energy as a Service (EaaS) solution that can be driven out to locations where there is a need, such as motorway services at holiday times – or to an event such as a festival or where an existing recharging point is temporarily offline. 

ZAPME’s technology, first introduced into the market in 2017, is already being adopted by leading vehicle recovery services around the world. From a driver’s perspective, this means that if the worst does happen and they don’t make it to a charging point, they can be confident of quickly getting on their way rather than have their vehicle taken to the nearest garage. 

  • ZAPME mobile charging units can be deployed to save EV drivers who have run out of juice 
  • ZAPME units will be seen as an essential element of roadside recovery in the EV revolution 

To learn more about ZAPME’s revolutionary Energy As A Service approach and its market-leading Vehicle Mounted Charger, please contact: 



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